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Available December 2020


Eþandun brings to life young King Alfred’s struggle with the Danish invaders in 878 AD.  The survival of Alfred’s people, and of Gorm’s invading army, is on the line.  Whose courage, endurance, and cunning—whose God or gods—will prevail?

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About the Author

William G. Carpenter was born on Long Island and grew up in Connecticut, Texas, and California.  A reader of Tolkien from 5th grade to the present, he studied comparative literature at the undergrad and graduate level, then went on to teach American, British, and world literature at Hebei University, CSU Chico, UCLA, CSU Long Beach, and UC Santa Cruz.  He has lived in the Twin Cities since the 1990s, where he enjoys walking along Lake Hiawatha with his wife and their rescue dog, Wuffa.

About the Illustrator

Miko Simmons is an international award-winning theatrical designer who traces his origins to the historic Rondo neighborhood in St. Paul, Minnesota.  He studied art and physics at St. Paul’s Hamline University.  With his professional background in electronic information display, he is now creating cinematic sets for operas and musicals while continuing to pursue his first passions, drawing and painting.

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